My first memories of the Rough Collie breed stem from my childhood. My Father was an avid fan of the breed and I vividly remember his first litter.

“Lassie” had her pups in the whelping shed and once they were of age I remember them venturing out into the garden and my father had to pick me up as they were nipping at my heels.   I must have only been about 3 years old.

Lassie with my father and I in our family garden.

The puppy which the family kept from that litter was “Shep” and she was my constant childhood companion until I lost her aged 13.

Shep, Head Study.

My love of the breed has developed from that time and once I was married with a family of my own, we decided that we wanted to add  a Rough Collie to it.  Shortly after our seach began, my father was contacted about a 10 month old dog that needed re-homing.  We decided that of course we would rescue “Brandy” and so he came to live with us until we lost him aged 7 years old.

This led us to the passion of rehoming rescue dogs and we did so until the family had grown and left home.

Brandy pictured with my daughter; Nicola aged 2.

After we lost our last rescue dog aged 13,  I decided that I wanted to return to the pedigree Rough Collie and found that I was drawn to the dog show world.

And so the story begins…..

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